A definition of technology


Technology is a Greek word in origin, consisting of two syllables; The first section: techno, which means a craft, skill, or art, and the second: loggia, means science or study, hence the word technology means performance science or application science. Many scholars have mentioned many other definitions of the word technology that converge more closely together than diverge. [1]

Technology is the source of knowledge that is devoted to making tools, processing activities, and extracting materials. Technology can be described as products, treatments, and organizations. It is used by humans in order to increase his capabilities and capabilities. Therefore, the human being is considered the most important factor in any technological system. [2]


Moreover, technology is also considered an application of science to solve the problems that humans face, and it is worth noting that science and technology are two things that are completely different from each other, except that they work side by side in order to achieve a specific goal or solve a problem. [2]

Technology has many applications in various fields; It is used in work, communications, transportation, education, industry, and even the handicraft industry, data security, and many other fields. Technology is human knowledge that includes tools, systems, and resources. [2]

Technology concept

The common concept of the term technology is the use of computers and modern devices, and this view has limited vision. The computer is a result of technology, while the technology that this term refers to is a way of thinking and problem-solving, and it is the way of thinking by which an individual reaches the desired results, that is, it is a means and not a result, as it is a way of thinking in the use of knowledge, information, and skills in order to reach Results to satisfy the human need and increase his capabilities. Therefore, technology means the optimal use of scientific knowledge and its applications and its adaptation for the service and well-being of man. [2] [1]

Technology history

When anthropologists use the term technology, they do not necessarily mean computers or modern technologies, but rather they go back to hundreds of thousands of years ago, when people learned how to control fire, in addition to the invention of the wheel, which was invented in 4000 BC, where the first ancient inventors It was limited to some simple axes that humans made millions of years ago. [1]

The ancient technological divisions that depend on the history of man and his inventions, namely the Stone Age, the Bronze Age, and the Iron Age (which dates back to about 1400 BC), where the basic tools used, including equipment and weapons, are the main reason for naming each age, as every material was used for construction It excels on the previous article. [1]

Technology applications

Many companies use technology to compete with each other, they depend on technology in the manufacture of products and services, and they also use it in the delivery and export of these products to consumers, so cell phone manufacturers, for example, especially the well-known

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