A financial economy is the best way to invest a small amount

 Adjusting the energy efficiency of the home

Some energy efficiency improvements in the home can be resorted to as an investment method, and this strategy is aimed at reducing energy consumption by investing a small amount in paying the costs of these improvements, such as installing energy-saving light bulbs, and setting programmed thermostats that stop drawing electricity when reaching a degree Specific temperature, and others. The effect of these improvements appears through the decrease in the value of the monthly bill by a certain amount, and with the passage of time, this invested amount will be recovered as a result, and during the subsequent period, the reduced amount of the bill will be the profit resulting from this investment. [1]

Pay off loans or debts

Many individuals suffer from debts whose original value will be paid with adding a percentage of interest on them, whether by credit card or otherwise, so if the individual has an additional amount of money and wishes to invest it, then it is recommended to repay a loan or a payment from it, as this will benefit By reducing the value of the interest that is paid on this loan and saving that money in the end, meaning that the individual will have paid off his debt and kept the interest money for himself. [1]

Electronic investment applications

The presence of smart devices allowed the availability of many applications and electronic platforms that provide investment services to individuals, including small amounts investments, so these applications vary and the rules that they follow in their work differ, but mainly they depend on the basic data of the investor; As some of these applications may monitor the purchases made by credit card, for example, and increase the purchase price to the nearest whole number in order to invest the small amount that has been increased; In order for the investment company to be able to take appropriate investment decisions instead of the investor. [2]

Investing in the stock exchange

The process of investing in the stock market is one of the strategies that contribute to achieving a large amount of profit in a short time that may not exceed hours, by investing a rather small amount of money, and to achieve this, it must be taken into account that investing in the stock market or stock market It requires the individual to be familiar with and understanding in relation to market forces analysis, in addition to an understanding of stock movements, without neglecting the importance of setting a specific stop-loss limit to avoid heavy losses in the event of a decline in the value of shares. [3]


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