A sport is the definition of sport


Sport is defined as a physical effort or a skill practiced according to sports rules agreed upon in advance, and sport is practiced as a hobby or for entertainment or competition with others or for the sake of distinction, or developing physical skills and strengthening self-confidence, and the types of sports and their laws and objectives differ from one place to another.

A historical overview of the origins of sport

I found many ancient Egyptian monuments that indicate that the ancient Egyptians practiced many types of sports, as they practiced wrestling and hunting lions, and sport in the era of the Pharaohs was considered one of the most important methods of training warriors, in addition to the Pharaonic civilization.

Sport was practiced during the Greek era, when the Olympic Stadium was established in Greece, where they were inspired by many activities carried out by the first man, and transformed into a kind of sports, so they were inspired by the chase of prey, jogging and archery, and the sport of jumping inspired by the escape of primitive man from natural disasters, And the process of fishing turned into a sport of swimming, and the use of horses for transportation turned into a sport of horse racing, in addition to the Chinese playing football thousands of years ago with an iron ball.

Benefits of sport

Psychological benefits of sports

Increase self-confidence.

Get rid of boredom and negative leisure time.

Prevention of mental illnesses; Such as: depression.

Increasing the individual's ability to control himself and get rid of stress and tension.

Facilitate the sleep process, eliminate the feeling of tension and insomnia, and restore internal balance to the soul.

Benefits of physical exercise

Strengthening the muscles of the body.

Weight loss.

Improve the external shape of the body, and increase its attractiveness.

Stimulate blood circulation and body metabolism.

Open the appetite and get rid of harmful eating habits.

Consuming extra calories in the body, and speeding up the fat burning process.

Prevention of many chronic diseases; Such as: heart disease, diabetes, and strokes.

Protection from joint and bone diseases, and increasing bone strength and flexibility.

The body gets rid of waste in a better way.

Delay the signs of aging and aging, and protect against Alzheimer's and dementia.

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