A wide range of modern communication technology

 Modern communication technology

Communication technology is concerned with the use of computer devices to store, study, retrieve, transfer, and process information, and it often interferes in the context of business or other fields, in addition to being a subset of information and communication technology. In 2012, Zobo proposed establishing a hierarchy. To refer to information and communication technology, so that each hierarchical level contains a certain degree of commonality that is associated with technologies that facilitate the transfer of data via electronic mediation. [1]

Communication technology development stages

The communication technology development process passed through several stages: [1]

Pre-Mechanic (3000 BC - 1450 AD).

The Mechanics (1450-1840).

Electromechanical (1840-1940).

Electronic (1940- for the present).

The importance of communication technology

The role of communication technology in education

Modern means of communication contribute to providing education for all, providing quality teaching, and developing the skills and efficiency of education management. Therefore, UNESCO is interested in strengthening the role of information technology in education, and the communication technology sector focuses on the joint work of three sectors, namely: communication and information, education, and science, [3] The UNESCO global network of offices, institutes and partners provides member states with the necessary resources to place information and communication technology in education policies, strategies and activities. It is noteworthy that the UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies specializes in the field of education, given that it is based in Moscow in the exchange of information, research and training on integrating technology. Information and communication in education, while the UNESCO Bangkok office is strongly involved in information and communication technology; For education in Asia and the Pacific. [4]


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