Android applications and the most important of them


Android is a free and open source system built on the Linux kernel, noting that it is designed for devices with touch screens such as tablets and smartphones, and it must be noted that the Android user interface is based on direct processing that uses tactile gestures that are largely compatible with realistic movements. , Such as scanning, clicking, and pinching the fingers to deal with things on the screen, and in this article we will introduce you to the most important Android applications.

The most important Android applications

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is one of the best applications, as it enables the user to customize his device as he wants, through navigation, swipes, the size of icons, and favorite applications, and it also enables quick access to applications, in addition to it helps to replace the theme packages, to customize the screen interface, And their colors, and a lot of customization tools.

user's Guide

The user guide is known as Lastpass, which is a password manager, and it is one of the free applications, and it can store and encrypt login data for user accounts, as it is by autofilling, logging in data, in addition to that it tracks user logins, with the ability Create strong passwords, and it also helps to unlock the lock in all possible ways, whether by pattern, code, or fingerprint scanner, with the feature of synchronizing passwords between the user's devices.

Google photos

The Google Photos application enables the user to take a backup copy of videos and photos without any restrictions, which helps the user to access any photo at any time, from any device, in addition to that it has some smart applications, such as creating albums according to the content or location, Or the person, it also provides some light filters.

Photo editor

Snapseed is one of the important processing applications, as it supports shooting RAW images, and editing them from within the Android device.


The Uber app helps the user to order a taxi, and has many features, such as the map feature that helps locate the driver, the credit card payment feature, the time of arrival, in addition to sweating the driver through the profile and many other benefits.

Weather application

Known in English as 1Weather, it enables the user to know everything he needs about the temperature, weather, humidity, wind speed, and climate forecast for ten days, in addition to the ability to display the weather on the lock screen, with the ability to customize it, and some of them can watch the wind movement, and milestones Maamoura.

Adobe Premiere Clip

Contributes to the processing of video clips, and helps to create cinematic videos, noting that it provides many wonderful effects, and simple passes, such as projection, and dragging of images, in addition to texts, and a lot of editing tools on the videos.


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