Computer's components

 definition of computer

Between 1943 AD and 1946 AD, the computer was designed to help people solve the problems and calculations that humans used to do, so they need less time to complete them and the percentage of error in them is very small, and the computer in its beginnings was large, sometimes reaching the size of a room, and the computer can be considered as A programmed machine or an electronic device that receives the data entered to it, and then processes and stores it, and then outputs it through various output devices, such as headphones or the screen of a computer. [1]

Computer components

The computer is divided into two main parts, which are the software part and the physical part; The programmatic part is a part that cannot be touched or seen, while the physical part of the computer is everything that can be touched from the computer components that perform a specific role and specific functions, and the programmatic and physical part of the computer cannot be separated; The programmatic part needs the electronic parts in order to function, and the physical part also needs an operating system or software instructions in order to function and perform its functions and role in the processing or storage process. The programmatic and physical computer parts are detailed as follows: [2]

The software parts

They are the parts that cannot be touched in the computer, and the software parts are the main part that determines the nature of the work and use of the computer, and among the most famous operating systems are the Microsoft Windows operating system, the Mac system, and the Linux system, and the software parts are divided into two parts:

Operating system: The operating system is known as the main program responsible for running all programs and other applications on the computer, that is, it is responsible for running voice programs, editing texts, the Internet, and other programs, and the computer cannot be used without a specific operating system that allows the possibility of dealing with The computer, meaning that the operating system is a graphic interface that acts as an intermediary between the user and the computer. [3]

Programs and applications: They are the various programs that run on the computer, such as Internet browsers, audio and video players, text editors, and other applications and programs used on the computer. [4]

Physical parts

When mentioning the term physical parts, it is intended to be everything that can be touched by a computer, including electronic parts or peripheral devices, and the physical parts are divided into three main sections. They are the output devices, the input, and the various processing units, and as follows, these sections are mentioned and detailed: [4]

The input units are made of the following: [5]

The keyboard: (English: keyboard) is the tool by which data is entered into the computer in the form of texts and numbers, and it is one of the most important parts used in dealing with the computer in terms of opening, deleting and browsing computer files, using various applications and programs, and doing many Jobs on a computer.

Mouse: It is the tool used in the process of browsing files and running programs, and it is responsible for moving the cursor of the computer.

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