Conditions for success at work

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Work is considered one of the human values ​​that contribute to the reconstruction of society and maintain the continuation of life, regardless of the nature of the financial returns allocated to the worker; However, without work, a person does not get his value, just as success at work is considered one of the great things that lead to an employee becoming successful in life. Success does not come by work on its own, but rather needs determination and continuous and persistent effort. [1]

There are many definitions of work that contributed to providing an explanation of its concept, among which work is defined as the effort that a person exerts within a group of activities. Through the implementation of an employment contract regardless of the type or nature of work, whether agricultural, commercial, technical, or other types of work. [2] Another definition of a job is a task or duty that someone performs on a regular basis. In order to obtain the money. [3]

Conditions for success at work

Finding a job or a job is not the last step in achieving a career goal. Rather, a person must be aware of the conditions for success at work, and be concerned with enhancing his ability to apply them, and with the following set of the most important conditions for success at work:

Good self-knowledge: It is a prerequisite for success at work, so it is important that the employee knows himself well and is keen to realize his abilities. What contributes to making him able to develop himself and acquire new skills, which results in an improvement in his career conditions in general. [4]

Integration with the organization’s own goals: It is the employee’s duty to fully integrate with the organization’s goals, and not to override or ignore them and to become his own goals. When the employee seeks to achieve all the goals of the facility in which he works, he will be able to develop his career in the best way. Available. [4]

Attention to job performance evaluation: it is an important condition; Where care must be taken to evaluate job performance; Because it helps to reveal the places of errors in effective ways, and the evaluation of job performance also contributes to the improvement and development of the career level of employees. [4]

Developing communication skills: the interest in developing and supporting an employee's communication skills with people; Where the employee who is competent in terms of communication is able to improve his professional level; By building a group of better social relationships. [4]

Vocabulary selection: it is the employee's selection of his vocabulary very carefully, so he must avoid slandering other individuals and avoid bad morals, such as gossip and backbiting. Because these things lead to the employee's complete demolition. [4]

Attention to decent appearance: It is the employee's keenness to show his appearance in an orderly manner. This contributes to conveying a positive image of him, and leaves a good impression on other individuals. [5]

Teamwork: It is the employee's having a team spirit within the work; Where it is important that he is eager to collaborate with colleagues at work; In order to achieve success permanently. [5]

Workers' duties

Employees and workers of all types of establishments must carry out a set of job duties, the most important of which are: [2]

The worker's completion of the work based on the professional and employment principles and instructions, if it does not contain any violations of the work contract, and its implementation is not linked to what would expose the employee or worker to danger.

That the worker takes care of the tools and machines that are the property of the work, and which are at his disposal or within his custody; Where he must be careful to return unused materials to the employer.

The worker must be careful to adhere to the ethical and behavioral rules while performing the work.

The worker provides assistance within the work environment, without requiring additional remuneration, and includes assistance to his colleagues in the event of dangers and disasters that affect their safety and the safety of the workplace.

The worker must undergo all medical examinations before joining work or during his work; In order to make sure that he does not carry any communicable or infectious diseases.

The worker must maintain professional secrets related to the facility or work. Especially

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