Core Websites How to design a website


A website (in English: Website) is a specific website on which there are several web pages (in English: Web pages), which are linked to each other in terms of content, and these pages can be accessed by visiting the existing home page (in English: Home page). On the site using a web browser. [1]

Web pages are provided by what are known as web servers (in English: Web servers), and these pages can be located in a single web server or distributed on several web servers located in different geographical points. The web server sends the pages to the website visitor over HTTP in response to the visitor's machine requests. The web server device contains specific programs called web server programs, in addition to the ability and quality of other programs, such as those that provide e-mail service (in English: E-mail), or that provide the ability to transfer files by means of the file transfer protocol (in English: FTP), and others . [2] [3]

How to create a website

The process of creating a website requires several steps. For starters, whoever wants to create a website must partner with a company that provides web hosting services through web servers, so the website owner can upload his website files there. After completing the website hosting process, you must register a domain (in English: Domain) for the website, which is the website address from which visitors enter the site through using web browsers. There are several websites on the Internet that provide the ability to register a domain, and some companies that provide web hosting services may also provide this service. [4]

After completing the website hosting and domain registration phases, the site design process begins, and it is preferable to plan the shape of the site before that, so the type and purpose of the website, in addition to the sitemap and its content, are taken into consideration, so how the visitor’s movement within the site is determined in addition For the type of content it contains; Such as texts, photos, video clips, etc. [4]

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