Cottage Industries Ideas Business From Home

 Electronic writing

It is possible to work from home by starting to write and publish books electronically and adopting that as an additional source of income, and all that is needed is the ability to write in addition to possessing knowledge in a specific field, and it is mentioned that electronic writing opened the door to self-publishing for previous writers who found obstacles in publishing their writings. [1]

Graphic Design

The demand for designs, advertisements, logos, and business design on the Internet is increasing, which has led to an increase in the demand for graphic designers, as companies seek to employ them permanently, whether in offices in companies, or to work remotely from home. [1]

Take care of children

There are many employees who need someone to take care of their children when they are busy, whether for a few hours or throughout the day, so it is possible to do a small project, such as opening a nursery, or allocating a place to care for children with the required legal licenses. [2]

sales representative

There are many companies that need sales representatives to market their products electronically or directly, and therefore it is possible to work in this field in exchange for a percentage of the sales profits, for example, jewelry, garden supplies, pet products, or coffee machines can be sold. [2]

Home health care

It is possible to work for a home health care company, there are many elderly people who suffer from some problems related to practicing the usual daily beaches, such as: problems with bathing, preparing meals, or arranging the house, and they seek help from these companies, to send an employee to help, or A health care nurse. [3]

Making sweets and pastries

Some have skill in making sweets, so they can promote their business on the Internet, or create a page for sweets and pastries on social networking sites, prepare birthday cakes and special occasions, and sell them to those looking for sweets makers. [4]

fashion design

Anyone who has a skill in designing clothes for specific occasions can find his way to work from home, and promote his designs electronically, as pages devoted to selling these designs have proliferated on the Internet. [4]


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