definition of computer

 definition of computer

The computer is known as a machine programmed in a specific and specific way that processes, stores and then outputs data, and the early signs of the emergence of the computer appeared between 1943 and 1946 when it was manufactured to help humans solve long and large problems and calculations in order to save time and effort, and the beginnings of the computer were very distinctive; Where the size of a single computer was close to the size of a home room, meaning that its size and weight are very large.

A computer can be defined at the present time as a set of wires and electrical circuits that represent hardware (in English: hardware), and a set of instructions, commands and data is called software (in English: software), and there are many types of computers used at the present time, such as supercomputers, personal computers, And work area computers (English: Work Station) for running video games. [1] [2]

The importance of the computer

The computer has spread greatly and it has become difficult to complete tasks and jobs in various fields of work without using it, and has also greatly affected the shape and nature of life and societies, so the standard of development and progress for nations depends on the amount of computer and technology use in various areas of life, due to the comfort and ease that the computer provides Simplicity in work, and the importance of computers can be summarized as follows: [3] [4]

Solving difficult numerical problems and equations that require a long time and complicated steps to solve them.

Fast and orderly storage and retrieval of information.

Creating documents and images and displaying them in an organized and distinct manner. The computer has also made it possible, through specialized programs, to edit, modify and write texts.

Using the computer, the robot (robot) was invented, which helped in many industries, and provided the ability to control many machines, which saved effort and time, and reduced the material cost.

Computers helped make the learning process easier and more creative when using various computer means, devices and methods.

Making computers more advanced in medicine. Due to its use in all medical devices that have become to perform many medical functions, such as diagnosing diseases and saving medical reports for patients. [5]

How the computer works

The computer relies on a very specific and organized working mechanism to perform the functions and tasks and process the data as required, as it processes the data entered by means of input devices, such as the mouse and keyboard, then stores the output from the processing process in the different storage units used, and then sends the results to the devices. Output to display the results to the user through the screen or headphones.

In order for the computer to understand the various types of entered data, it converts the data into its own bilingual language, which consists of 0 and 1 only; It is the only language that a computer understands so that it can process and analyze the various data that are dealt with in the computer world. [6]

Computer parts and components

The computer consists of a group of parts and parts that work together, forming the computer, and each part has a specific function that depends in one way or another on the rest of the parts and other parts, for example, it will not

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