Diseases of pregnancy and childbirth, damage to hair dye on a pregnant woman

 Hair dye

Women resort to dyeing their hair to change its color or to hide the white hair that results from aging, and hair dyes are composed of chemicals in different concentrations, and there are several types of hair dyes; Temporary dye that does not penetrate the hair shaft, and disappears after washing the hair once or twice, and the second type is the semi-permanent dye that penetrates the hair shaft and almost disappears after Washing hair five to ten times, and the last type is permanent (oxidative) hair dye, and it is the most well-known type that women usually use, as the dye penetrates the hair shaft and makes a permanent change in it, and the color remains until it falls out The hair is replaced by a new hair, and it is worth noting that the darker the color of the dye, the more colorful chemicals it contains. [1]

Damage to hair dye on a pregnant woman

Research based on the study of hair dye damage during pregnancy is still limited, but some studies have shown that there is a relationship between the use of hair dyes during pregnancy or one month before pregnancy and an increase in the incidence of children with neuroblastoma, [2] while studies have shown Another is that the woman's body absorbs a very small amount of the chemicals in hair dyes, and this percentage does not pose a threat to the fetus, and the percentage that pose a risk to the fetus is much greater than that found in hair dyes, but many doctors advise to avoid a pregnant woman dyeing her hair During pregnancy, especially in the first trimester, it is recommended to replace chemical hair dyes with henna, as this is safer for the health of the fetus. [3] [4]

Tips when dyeing hair during pregnancy

Many specialists advise to postpone dyeing hair after childbirth due to the lack of sufficient evidence and studies on this subject as mentioned, but if a woman insists on dyeing her hair during pregnancy, then she should follow the following advice: [5] [1] [3]

Follow the instructions included with the hair dye.

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