Electronic how to download from YouTube

 How to download from YouTube

You can download videos from YouTube through several methods, and among these methods are the following: [1]

Programs: You can download a video from YouTube using some programs by copying the URL of the video to be downloaded, then pasting it into the program to download the video in the format of MP4 in most cases. Download multiple clips simultaneously at high speed.

Helping sites: Like SaveFrom and VideoGrabber.net, this type of site works to download videos by changing its URL, for example, you can change the following address www.youtube.com by adding vd to the word before YouTube to become www.vdyoutube. com.

How to create a YouTube channel

A private channel can be created for a YouTube user, whether the goal is to store these videos or even share them over the Internet, by doing the following steps: [2]

Create a new Google account for the user - if there is no account in his name -; Because YouTube works on a Google account.

Log in to YouTube with a Google account.

Choose the name that will appear in the YouTube channel, where the user can keep the same name in the Google account or change it with a new one.

Choose CREATE CHANNEL which means create a channel.

Preparing the general view of the channel, as this matter contributes to bringing in a greater number of subscriptions to the channel and its follow-up.

Setting some definitions for the channel, such as its goal and description, and this can be done by clicking on the edit button next to each description, then adding a video clip as an advertisement for the channel.

Clicking the Settings button to add some formatting to the channel.

Upload the videos to the YouTube channel by clicking the Import button.

What is YouTube

YouTube was created in 2005 by three people, namely Steve Chen, Chad Hurley and Javed Karim, and YouTube is a site that allows its users to publish and share any appropriate videos so that viewers of these videos can comment on them or even respond to them with other videos, and it is worth noting that Google has Purchased this site at a cost of $ 1.65 billion. [3]


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