Electronic importance of electronic marketing


E-marketing is marketing that uses modern technology in order to promote products, as the virtual market is transformed into a tangible physical reality, and this marketing is one of the important parts of the modern comprehensive marketing strategy, and it seeks to reach its goals through the Internet, and this type of marketing is important And many benefits that we will talk about in this article, in addition to the most important companies that have achieved success in e-marketing.

The importance of electronic marketing

Continuity of selling at all times, as the sale is not related to specific dates, so it is possible to market products at all times without stopping, and that means being able to reach the target customers in their spare time and during their work.

The ability to reach customers in geographically remote places, as electronic marketing is not limited to a specific region.

The low cost of marketing, as planning to establish a store to display the products is one of the concerns for the investor due to the high cost required by the store, as it includes display rents, expenses, and stores, and these things disappear in e-marketing.

Presenting the appropriate product to the buyer by identifying the patterns of buyers' behavior, which helps to create a specific file of products and services for each group of customers and increase the purchase rates.

The continuity of the relationship between the marketer and the buyer after the first purchase, as this indicates that the buyer began to form a special relationship with marketers, and this relationship is proven by marketing new products through promotional emails, as this helps to repeat the purchase process in the future.

The difference between digital marketing and traditional marketing

Traditional marketing is high-cost, while electronic marketing is less expensive, as the first type of marketing needs to use media, such as television and newspapers, and the second type is through the Internet, meaning that ads are free or low-cost.

Finding it difficult to communicate with customers in traditional marketing, unlike e-marketing, which finds ease in communicating with them, through their use of e-mail and other means of communication via the Internet.

The inability to order the product immediately through traditional marketing, for its arrival through customer service, but in electronic marketing, it is possible to order the product directly through the website that the company owns.

Finding it difficult to inspect all the company's products in traditional marketing; The reason for this is that it needs a wide and large place to display it. In electronic marketing, it is easy to inspect all products by displaying them on the website.

Companies that have achieved success in e-marketing

Amazon Corporation: It is an American company that markets products through the Internet, and its income has reached eighty-nine billion dollars in the late two thousand and fourteen.

EBay Company: It is an American company, whose income reached eighteen billion dollars in the year two thousand and fourteen.

TripAdvisor Company: It is an American company specializing in tourism marketing, and its annual sales in the year two thousand and fourteen to one and a half billion dollars.

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