Financial economics ideas for small projects at home

 CV writing

Individuals with experience in the field of human resources have an opportunity to start their own project at home, which is based on writing CVs for others, in addition to this service, various consulting services can be provided to job seekers, and a project like this only needs to have a computer equipped with word processing programs, And a telephone, as well as owning a printer, and a fax machine. [1]

Baking or preparing food

Individuals with skills in food preparation or baking can; Such as biscuits, cakes, and others. Start their own home project based on providing these services, where unused household spaces, such as the garage or basement, for example, in this project, and organize them to be a store for work materials, in addition to preparing the final orders in them before delivering them to customers. [2]

Independent writing

The work in the field of writing independently joins the list of projects that can be done from home, especially for those talented individuals who have writing skills, and work in this field only requires possession of a computer with a connection to the Internet service, and with these requirements it is possible to start writing and create content Online private, which can include many forms of writing; Such as writing stories, writing descriptions of products and services, writing reports, and so on. [3]


The establishment of a home project based on work in the field of hairdressing is considered a common and trending project, in addition to that, it is considered one of the profitable projects, so individuals who possess certificates related to courses they have obtained in this field can, along with all of the practical training under supervision in a salon , And the license the business needed, to start their home business without hesitation. [4]


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