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The management of paid ads online occupies a great importance at the present time, as it is an effective way to increase money, which makes it a suitable idea to start an online project, especially for people who have sufficient knowledge regarding the mechanisms of these advertisements, and the complexities of creating them on Internet platforms, such as sites Social communication, search engines, and others. In addition, those wishing to work in this field can obtain training courses, or some free materials that facilitate work and increase their level of professionalism. [1]


Self-employment depends on a person's possession of some kind of skills, investing them, and benefiting from them, and that is by converting them into a commercial activity, and this type of project is distinguished by the fact that the person is fully aware of how the project works. Social media management, web design, content writing, graphic design, copywriting and more. [2]

Trade via the Internet

It is possible to take advantage of the Internet services to create an online store similar to the stores on the ground, except that electronic stores are distinguished by the absence of operating costs, and the project owner has flexibility to control working times as he wishes, where work begins by specifying the goods that the person wants to trade in, Then the agreement with the suppliers of these goods; In order to buy and resell them to consumers, and examples of goods that can be traded over the Internet: accessories, clothes, gift baskets, cosmetic products, jewelry and others, and it is also possible to rely on goods that are created manually, and it must be noted that this type of project is potentially competitive. This calls for the project owner’s keenness to organize his work, and carefully determine the required budget for marketing services. [3]


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