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 Publishing electronic books

The widespread spread of the Internet at the present time allows the possibility of creating a project based on the dissemination of knowledge, as this project can be implemented in two ways, one of which is through the creation of e-books and then sold to websites devoted to selling online retail at reasonable prices, or through the creation of videos, or training courses. Or other media that contain this knowledge. When working on this project, it is taken into account to focus on wonderful and unique products, without neglecting to target the right audience. [1]

Chat robots

Chat sites occupy a great importance in people's lives today, and they can be relied upon to create a successful electronic project; As it is considered an integral part of social networking sites, this is in addition to the endeavor of many companies to include chatbots on their own site, with the aim of serving customers and thus will be able to save a lot of effort by the employee to conduct a conversation with his customers, and this is one of the types of automation Which are introduced in the areas of sales and marketing, and that help in the growth and expansion of the labor market. [2]


Working in the field of blogging is one of the widespread electronic projects, and it is a project that may result from owning a hobby related to blogging and exploiting this hobby in order to communicate with the audience via the Internet and achieve profits, as the focus is on the content of interest to the target audience, as well as obtaining the required support from sponsors Advertisers are the main pillars of this project. [3]

Electronic trade

E-commerce is one of the successful and popular projects on the Internet, and it is one of the projects with a low cost of construction compared to commercial projects on the ground, but it is characterized by its high level of competition, which requires the project owner to preserve his project by organizing all issues related to work, Especially with regard to the subject of the budget and marketing methods, as for the selected commodities, the field is wide for the project owner, so he can obtain the desired goods from suppliers and then resell them to customers, or it is possible to focus on handcrafted goods. [3]


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