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 Writing content on the Internet

The demand for Internet content is increasing more than ever, which makes working as a content writer a profitable project for women. All that is needed to start is to provide a computer and have the ability to write content, and this field is characterized by its diversity according to personal skills and interests, as there will always be a demand for Increase and publish content, whether in terms of writing, illustrations, digital design, photography, animation, web design, filming, and if sufficient effort and time is made for this work, a group of high-quality works can be produced and obtained. Reliable relationships in a short time. [1]

Answer the phone

The telephone answering service helps in achieving a good monthly income, and starting this work requires saving the costs of telephone service, licensing the work, and advertising the provision of this service, as well as basic skills such as a gentle voice while speaking, excellent communication skills and attention to subtle matters, and with accreditation Based on the range of services that are provided, the working time can be determined between the weekend, during the week, or after official working hours. [2]

Cleaning services

There are several places to provide cleaning services in it, and it is possible to work during hours when there are no other people providing the same service, such as working in cleaning offices, as it is possible to focus on providing partial services, dealing with customers in one or two areas, or contracting with restaurants, which can be Forming permanent customers due to its need for cleaning services on a daily basis, and such a project will not need to pay a lot of money on advertising and marketing services, as customers can be obtained through a good reputation. [3]


There are several ways to make money from working in photography, as you can work in one field such as weddings as the most popular, or provide photography services to people with their pets, or for families, or for birthday parties, holidays, and much more. [3]


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