Financial Economy Marketing Ideas

 Company cars

Many companies use distinctive cars that are driven across cities to advertise their products, as they are located near major train stations and near universities, and if companies are unable to purchase a specialized car for commercial advertisements, then a truck or a regular car can be painted to be driven on the main roads. 1)

Social media

Marketing through social media such as: Facebook and Twitter is one of the fastest and most effective methods of marketing. As it enables companies to interact with customers more personally, by receiving feedback directly from customers, displaying products and selling them to them, and the company is also able to know what the target audience says about it and its products. [2]

Email marketing

Email marketing is one of the effective and low-cost strategies, as the return of email marketing reaches more than 400%, according to what one of the marketers claimed through it, and all it takes is a good and up-to-date list that emails are sent continuously, regularly, and without disturbance Recipients. [3]

Participate in local organizations and groups

There are many inexpensive organizations and groups to join, and with great marketing benefits such as home business groups, for example, as soon as they get to know the company and what it does, they will mention its activities and products in front of others, and business organizations can be considered great opportunities to build collaborative marketing strategies with them; Such as holding marketing days and others. [4]

Use motivational programs

Programs can be customized to motivate customers and customers to repeat purchases through the use of reward cards, or cards dedicated to repeat customers, and through these cards it is possible to make discounts of certain percentages when purchasing a certain number of products, or to offer discounts to certain card holders. Free goods or services in exchange for buying a certain amount. [5]

Create a blog

Blogs can be used to build an audience of customers interested in the products and services provided by the company, where creating blogs is easier than creating websites, so that the public begins to communicate through the blog where topics related to the company, its products, and its activities are published in a way that facilitates communication between the company and potential customers, or Other companies and businessmen. [4]


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