How can I please my husband

 An apology to the husband

A girl can satisfy her husband by sincerely apologizing to him, as an apology will fix all the mistakes or damages that their relationship has suffered as a result of the conflict that occurred between them, and the girl must use sincere and heartfelt words when apologizing to her husband, so that she does not use manipulative methods Feelings, or deception so you can satisfy him. [1]

Writing a letter to the husband

A woman can satisfy her husband by writing a letter to him, asking for forgiveness from him, and telling him all the things that make her feel frustrated or sad, and she can do that by writing a list of things that make her madly in love with him, then at the end of the list mention the reason that prompted her to do the thing that she Annoyed him, then he asked for forgiveness from him, as her doing this would not only make him happy, but would lead to strengthening their marital relationship by reminding them of the reason that led them to fall in love with each other from the very first moment. [2]

Other ways to please the husband

There are many other ways that a woman can satisfy her upset husband, including: [3]

Admitting the mistake, and avoiding making excuses, because excuses will not help anything, but will only reduce the value of the apology.

Listening to him after presenting the apology, because the apology does not end the problem radically, and the husband may need to talk about that, so the woman must give him an opportunity to speak while showing interest in what he says.

Offer an explanation about what you did and upset him, so that you only tell the truth, because the lies will only make things worse rather than fix them.

Telling him that she loves him, since after the conflict occurs, the husband may wonder if she still loves him or not, so she must tell him that she still loves him, and that she is really sorry for what she did.


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