How do I improve my child's streak

 The method of holding the pen is important to improve the child's handwriting, as holding it in the correct way while relieving pressure on it while writing makes writing easier and easier, because most children apply great force when writing, which makes it difficult, so it is advised to calm down while holding the pen and use the thumb, index and middle fingers. Therefore. [1] Writing continuously The help of the child lies in encouraging him to practice writing on a daily basis, in order to avoid despair and frustration, as specific times can be specified during which writing is done even if for a few minutes, and questions can be asked about how to spell some words, or write Some letters, writing his name, or other short and easy-to-spell words. [2] Developing the child's fine motor skills Encouraging and developing the child's motor skills is important for improving the child's handwriting while writing, and this is done through the use of activities and games that target hands and fingers such as: Shredding papers, mixing colors, and other games. [2] Diversification of writing tools The child can be encouraged to write by diversifying the writing tools, so that writing becomes enjoyable, so you should not focus only on the pencil, but you can use colored pencils. Or, using chalk, as the child will have a greater desire to write and use colored pencils. [3] Spacing between words Helping the child while writing is important in improving his handwriting, by spacing the words and writing them correctly, and this is done by placing the child on his finger. On the paper after the word, and writing the other word on the second side of the child's finger, or a point can be placed after each word he writes so that he knows the space to be left to write the other word. [3] References Was the article useful? Yes No Share the article on Facebook Twitter 569 See topics related to: How do I improve my child's streak

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