How do I know that my device is hacked?

 Install new software

Installing new programs on the device is one of the signs that the device is hacked (hacked), especially if the device is used by one person, and among the signs that indicate the installation of new programs, the operating system has received updates that include new files or programs. 1]

Presence of unknown user accounts

This is verified by going to the control panel to open the menu and then clicking on the option of user accounts (in English: user accounts), or through the start menu and typing the command (cmd), and pressing enter to open the command prompt, then enter (In English: net user) and pressing enter again, and then a list of all the accounts used on the computer will be displayed, including the administrator and guests, and if there is any account that has not been added or unknown, it is recommended to delete it by typing (net account username / del ) In exchange for the account to be deleted. [2]

Change passwords online

Sometimes, after hacking any online account, hackers change the passwords for one or more accounts, which prevents them from logging into the account; Therefore, it is recommended to use the password reset feature when forgetting it, or contact the company that provides the service to reset the account, as hackers often send viruses or spam to family, friends, or colleagues. [1]

Other signs that the device has been compromised

There are some signs that the device has been hacked, including: [1]

Uninstall or disable antivirus software; Because the hacker disabled these programs in order to help him hide any warnings that may appear on the device.

The device performs several activities on its own, such as moving the mouse pointer on its own.

Change the device password: Changing the password to log into the device on its own indicates that the device has been hacked.

Increased network activity: Increased network activity and slowed Internet speed are indications of a remote connection to the device.

Tips for returning the device to its normal condition after penetration

There are a set of basic steps that must be followed to restore the device to its normal position after penetration: [3]

Device insulation; By pulling the network cable off it and turning off the internet connection.

Remove the hard drive; It is advised to remove the hard drive to prevent more from happening

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