How to become a successful sales manager

 Sales manager

The Sales Manager is responsible for the sales activities of a facility. It is keen to follow its sales force in the market, [1] and the sales manager is defined as the person who oversees the nature of the company's sales, and is keen to provide assistance to customers; In order to encourage them to buy the company's products. [2] Another definition of a sales manager is a manager who specializes in managing the sales department within a company, and is concerned with following up on the performance of the department. By planning and organizing his activities. [3]

How to succeed in sales management

Success as a sales manager in a company depends on the manager’s focus to fulfill a set of important roles in the work environment, which are: [4]

Generating revenue: It is one of the key roles that a successful sales manager should play. As the primary responsibility of the sales manager is to maintain the percentage of sales; By achieving the planned sales numbers.

Management implementation: it is the role of the sales manager to recruit employees for the sales department, and then to ensure that they are trained, followed up, and properly managed. By supervising their own activities; A sales manager is considered successful when he can find competent sales people, and they can be retained in the sales department.

Attention to communication: is to keep track of sales information; By the interest of the successful sales manager in studying the nature of new products, and the percentage of daily revenues; As this behavior contributes to enhancing decision-making and supporting communication with the sales team; In order to provide them with general information to discuss; In order to develop the strategies and objectives of the sales department.

Study expectations: It is one of the important roles of a successful sales manager, and it depends on studying current economic data and following up on previous sales results. In order to contribute to the development of projected and planned sales in the future.

Staying within the annual financial budget: It is one of the roles of the sales manager, and it is concerned with following up a group of financial expenditures related to the activities of the sales department, such as: travel, eating, and other expenses that must be calculated, and the sales manager is often aware of these expenditures in advance, which are related to making special decisions Needs the financial budget.

The importance of sales management

The Sales Department is one of the important administrative departments in the business environment of commercial companies, and it got its importance based on its role in participating in competition between various companies, and relying on applying advanced methods in marketing sales, and distributing them at the lowest costs and highest profits, and in what follows a set of points that summarize the importance of managing Sales: [5]

Providing new and modern products within the market.

Support the production of existing products.

Contribute to reducing costs of sales.

Helping to support the means used to transfer sales, and to enhance communications between the company, whether inside or outside the country in which it is located.

Implementing the best tools that help increase consumers ’demand for goods.

Levels of sales management

The sales management in the facilities is divided into a group of major administrative roles and levels; Namely: [6]

Higher Management: is the department that is distinguished by its responsibility for developing strategies and sales goals that are based on long-term plans, and then keen to achieve them. By relying on taking appropriate decisions; By following up on the influences of the surrounding environment, which in turn affect them

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