How to choose your wedding accessories

 How to choose your wedding accessories

One of the difficult, tiring, and fun tasks at the same time is the task of choosing a white wedding dress for the wedding day, but the task will not stop once you have chosen the perfect and most beautiful dress, so you must start other preparations to obtain accessories and jewelry that complement your elegance and stand out. You have the beauty of your dress, so choosing a dress is half the task, and accessories are the other half and complementing this interesting task

On the wedding day in particular, there is a basic rule that some may be surprised by but you must keep it in your mind and your mind, and this rule that you must follow and avoid departing from or breaking it is that "do not be out of the ordinary." It makes you surprised that you have moved away from the desired classic on this special occasion, and as soon as you follow this rule, start with the following steps

The first step

One of the necessary steps that should be taken before choosing the appropriate accessory is knowing the type of fabrics and embroideries that were used to complete your dress, and then proceed to coordinating your accessories with the color of the dress, for example

The dress, which is designed with pearls and diamonds, must be coordinated with accessories made of stones of the same type, or you can sometimes avoid adding jewelry to it at all


A dress that is bright in white needs jewelry such as pearls and platinum

The dress is ivory or beige in color. It is suitable for golden accessories that give shine when lighting up, especially in photographs.

The second step

The shape of the dress plays an important role in determining the accessories

Topless dress: In this type of dress, try to always wear a chain of diamonds or gold with a necklace in the middle or a chain with her earrings attached to it, but in a style that is very soft

Dress with suspenders: In this case, earrings can be chosen from your favorite stones, but the most important advice is that you should completely stay away from chains of all shapes and types.

The third step

If you are not comfortable choosing a heavy weight chain around your neck or large earrings, for example, then this is not necessary and no one can force you to do so, but the most important thing remains that you feel completely comfortable and not confused. What this means is that the third step is to choose what feels good for you before anything else

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