How to create a website


Technological development has led to the reliance on new means of communicating with others and conducting business in more easy ways and the ability to reach larger numbers of consumers with the ability to define the target segments more precisely, and it can be said that this pattern has become used in all practical and intellectual fields. Knowledge and the ease of its transfer from one place to another made it easy, and websites provide their owners with opportunities to display their commercial, intellectual or entertainment products, with space for material profit through direct sales or buying advertising space, and with the increased ease of establishing and owning websites, competition for development in designs increased. And methods of displaying products.

How to create a website

The purpose of the site

The first and most important step for creating a website is to define the purpose of the site according to the product that you have, so the site is either commercial, entertaining, cultural, or otherwise, and before starting to begin, it is necessary to study similar sites and find out the extent to which users communicate with those sites and develop an initial marketing plan. And spread.

Several suggested names for the site must be chosen according to its purpose, as some names may be reserved before and cannot be used again, and it is preferred when choosing to make the name easy to memorize and write, and it must be an interesting name for greater impact on users.

Reserve space for the site

The website storage space is reserved by one of the hosting companies that allows you to store the information that will be uploaded in its own storage units while ensuring that this information is stable and not lost throughout the purchase period that is contracted per year.

There are some companies that allow the possibility of reserving space for the sites without charge, but with the loss of the advantage of material benefit from the commercial advertisements that may reach the site, and it is preferable to deal with these companies in the event that they display a commercial product and do not want to benefit from the ads.

Title reservation and website design

The website address that was previously prepared is purchased by one of the companies that deal with it to host the sites, and if the name is available, it can be purchased for an amount that may not exceed twenty dollars.

The site design step remains, as the design is made by specialists who work on developing sites for a fee, and in another way, you can learn design and start designing your site by modifying one of the forms available free of charge on the Internet, but it is preferable to use the experiences of friends in the early stages.

After the design is completed, the data can start to be uploaded to the site and be available to the public as soon as it is published, and work remains on the electronic marketing of the site.

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