How to make a man love you madly

 For love

Some believe that love is a delicious feeling and a coincidence, presented by one person to another, and others think that love is nothing but finding someone with whom love can be felt, and others think that love is an art and science that comes with the availability of a set of psychological and mental abilities, in addition to the availability of time and effort To practice and learn this type of art. However, it may be just the opposite. This is because love does not need to make any effort to find it, rather it will come on its own. [1]

Ways to make the man madly in love with the girl

Having a man's heart is not a difficult thing for a girl to achieve. Where it is possible for a girl to possess the heart of her lover through one thing, which is intelligence, without the need to pretend to be in shape, form, or even speech; This is because these things may enable her to attract the attention of a man and attract him for a short period of time. A month or two, and it will not last for more than that, but intelligence plays a role in maintaining a healthy relationship with the man, and here are some tips that may help the girl to do so: [2]

Not to clamp down on the man: The man in patriarchal societies in our current world is not accustomed to restrictions even if this matter is based on emotion, so if the girl wants to seize the man’s heart and affection, she should give him a space of freedom, and not restrict him.

Feeling of masculinity: One of the ways that helps possessing a man’s heart is to make him aware of his masculinity, as the man, by virtue of the culture of our patriarchal societies, has a great tendency to dominate, and he has a desire to provide care for the girl to the fullest, so the girl can take advantage of this feature in our societies by giving him This feeling, and this matter is evidence of the girl’s intelligence, by using the man’s love for control to provide protection and tenderness for her, instead of being domineering and controlling.

Promoting confidence: Promoting confidence is one of the important things that helps possessing a man's heart, and that means being proud of him and talking about him well in front of him or others, as this is a common thing in societies that are still ruled by male values, and he must have complete certainty that he is the most important A person in the girl’s life, and that it is not possible to replace him, whatever the temptations, and the reason for that is that there is no one who can uproot his love from the girl’s heart, and in this way, the girl has a place in the man’s heart that no one can touch or reduce her size.

Praise the external appearance of the man: Some think that praising the external appearance is limited to the category of girls only, but it is wrong. Praising the external appearance of a man is one of the most important points that help to own his heart, so the man cares about this matter equal to the percentage of the girl’s interest in her external appearance, but the man is afraid of disclosure About that desire; Because he lives in a male society, that may lead to a bad impression of the man in these societies, and some people think that the man’s desire to praise indicates superficiality and emptiness of thinking, and that the most important criterion is personality and presence, and this is not true. This is because the man in his decisions likes to compliment the girl on his appearance.

Friendship: The girl should be the friend of the man she loves; Where the girl’s position should not be limited to the traditional relationship that tries to drain the man and provoke anger, but rather it must be at the level of friends whom the man finds a refuge for, so he talks to them without any limits or reservations, and without being held accountable for actions or words. On

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