How to prepare for a new-born baby

 Warm welcoming your new-born baby is vital to put the first step towards developing a healthy relationship with your kid.

How can you transmit positive feelings and vibe’s to your child early in life? What should be the core values of parents and main goals? And more…

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Baby Checklist: Do's and Don'ts

Becoming parents for the first time is really challenging and requires a quick capability to adapt to new and uncomfortable situations.

However, the effort may pay well-off. Things you should also take into consideration:

  1. Provide health insurance.
  2. Financial Planning (College, tuition, etc.).
  3. Organize your baby’s bedroom and personal space.
  4. Create your baby registry on the go.

Provide Health Insurance

Nowadays it’s crucial to take advantage of health care providers to build a safety net in worst-case scenarios. These type’s of investments are your ‘hedges’. The ones you do for hedging out risk of your own life, but wish never come into play.

However, the nature of the relationship with life suggests us that we sooner or later may exit this beautiful planet. 

While doing so is inevitably, leaving close to nothing is not an option. Take care of your family members and next child’s by choosing a health care provider for your newborn kid.

How much does it cost?

“Obamacare” – (current Affordable Care Act) states that health insurance plans have to cover pregnancy & childbirth costs. Additionally, a range of counseling and screening tests are provided too.

However, you may have signed up with an health care insurance provider before the inclusion of this new act inserted in 2010. Please call your own health insurance company for more details on this.

Financial Planning - Prepare for what is yet to come

Having children is costly. Don’t ignore costly propositions and plan ahead.

Make a yearly budget for potential home repairs, food expenses, specific new-born needs, and even figure out how much money will you invest in his/her education?

If you are already thinking nearly as two-decades ahead… How much will college be? By planning for the future, we may give ourselves the possibility to invest capital into ETF or other market investments.

See, if you invest today until your kid is 18 years old, you may spent well less on college (as time will hopefully appreciate your capital over time and cover college expenses).

If you’re more risk-averse, there’s other options. Such as opening a 529 savings account, which comes with tax-benefits and allows you to contributions on a regular basis.

Preparing your baby's bedroom or repairing the unused room

Kids love to have time on their own and not get bothered by their parents. 😉

Develop their intimate space, repair holes in the wall and improve electric installations. Make sure it is a safe environment for your child.

Sometimes it’s just simpler to prevent than cure, and your health care payments won’t get higher.

Create a baby registry and add items your new-born will need

Select from a wide variety of products which can help make your life easier when raising a new-born.

Who doesn’t need a baby car seat to walk around the parks?

More practical? How about a baby carrier?

Decide on your own.

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