How to regulate the child's sleep

 Regulating sleep in children, many parents seek to regulate their children's sleep, to help them sleep well, and to increase their ability to do many activities the next day, so some of them resort to looking for solutions in various ways to control their sleep hours, given its importance to them, as it increases their mental and intellectual capabilities And creative, and in this article we will introduce you to how to organize a child's sleep. How to regulate the child's sleep How to regulate the child's sleep during the day Give the child a nap during the daytime, which helps to regulate sleep during the night. Doing the work and duties full of interaction and movement during the day, so that the biological clock of the child is set. How to regulate the child's sleep before bed, follow a routine and short sleep, by setting a fixed time for sleep, and linking it to something that loves the child, such as listening to music or a story, in addition to bathing the child in a quick bath that does not exceed ten minutes before going to sleep, then putting him on pajamas. Giving the child a toy or thing he prefers, to provide him with protection, such as stuffed toys or blankets, and it is preferable to spray a little mother or father's perfume on it, to attach the smell to the toy, which increases the feeling of comfort. Leaving the child crying and patting him gently, telling him that everything is fine, except that the bedtime has come, with showing firmness while dealing with him, then leaving the room for several minutes, returning to inspect him, and repeating the movement until he sleeps. Hugging the baby while he is on his bed, and comforting him until he is ready for sleep. Give the baby a pacifier to help him relax. Tips to make the child sleep early, sleep early by members of the house. Accustom children to sleep before adults, because adults have to finish some tasks. Get babies to sleep in separate rooms after the sixth month. Arranging bedtime rituals, such as brushing teeth, going to the bathroom, reading a story to them, or singing a song. Make sleep habits stick with him, whether it is a nap or at night. Avoid rocking the bed or stroller before bed, as it will become a difficult habit to break. Dim the room with dim light, to facilitate sleep. Take care not to break the daily routine on holidays, but it is possible to delay sleep for no more than two hours. Leave electronic devices an hour before bed, because they reduce the desire to sleep and increase insomnia.

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