How to search on google

 Use tabs

The appropriate tabs should be selected for the topic of the search, as there is at the top of each search a set of tabs that include the Internet (Web), image (Image), news (News), and more (More), which help to customize the search for the user, if he wants, for example To search for a specific image, he should use the "Image" tab, but if he is searching for a recent news article, he can use the "News" tab. [1]

Accuracy and selectivity

The person should allocate and concise the search title as much as possible, and the words should be chosen selectively, and common words should be used, such as: “and”, “if,” or “no,” or numbers if the search requires that. It is also possible to search for a phrase. Specific by placing quotation marks around the title of the search query, or adding one of the common words by leaving a space after the first sentence, adding a plus sign directly in front of it, and then writing it. [2]

Find similar sites

This feature is one of the most important features that greatly facilitate the search process. When a person does not find specific results for his search on his favorite site, he can find another similar site and display more specific results, and that is by adding the word "related" before the name of the site. , Then put .com, where links similar to the name of the site that was written will appear in its content. [1]

Search by voice

A person can search on Google using voice. This is done by opening a new tab, then clicking on the loudspeaker signal and saying what is needed from the search, which contributes to saving time in many cases. [3]

Find quick answers

It helps Google to determine the searches, and displays the answers in the search results. This process can be speeded up by following the following tips: [4]

Weather search: You can find out the weather in a place, or a specific location, by adding the word weather next to the name of the region.

Definition in the dictionary: You can search for the concept of a specific word by adding the word define in front of the word you want to define.

Calculations: You can find the solution of certain mathematical equations by entering the mathematical equation in the search bar, such as: 3-9123, and it is also possible to solve complex graphing equations.

Finding unit conversions: You can enter any conversion for different units, such as: 3 dollars to euros.

Sports: Google provides the ability to search for a topic in sports, where you can type the name of the favorite team to show a list of its schedules, match results, and others.

Find Quick Facts: Search for the name of a celebrity, location, movie, or song to find the information related to it.


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