How to speed up the Internet

 Antivirus software

Internet speed can be increased by downloading and installing virus detection programs, and removing them, as viruses, Trojans, and adware (adware) can slow down the work of the computer, which in turn slows down the speed of the Internet, so it is advisable to update anti-virus programs , Run them constantly, download security updates, and set up protection like Windows Firewall. [1]

Choose a suitable location for the router

Placing the router in a suitable place helps to enhance the power and speed of the Internet, it can be placed in a place free of walls or other obstacles, or hung on the wall using holes for hanging, and to avoid placing it behind a piece of furniture, for example, it is recommended to direct the router antennas vertically, and lift The router is in a high and central location, like the center of the house, to get the best possible coverage. [2]

Provide wireless protection

There are many networks that are left open without protection, and this can pose a threat to the users of this network, and it can also cause slow Internet speeds, because many people enter the open network, broadcast long videos, or download Large files, so a person can provide protection for his network by logging into the administration page for the router, by going to the IP address of the router in the network browser, then using the default credentials to log in, and this varies according to the brand, but it is often found in The bottom of the router itself, choosing WPA2 as the encryption method, then specifying a password, and avoiding sharing it except with trusted people. [3]

Clean up the machine

Cleaning your computer by deleting unused or outdated programs helps speed up the Internet, and Windows contains the Disk Cleanup feature, which is found in System Tools, which can get rid of these programs. Activating Disk Defragmenter from the system tools to speed up the storage of files more appropriately so that the laptop can find them more quickly, and the Windows system has a feature that enables it to check for the presence of bad partitions, and it can be found by clicking the right mouse button. Click the hard disk icon, then choose Properties, then Tools, then Check Now, click on the Scan for and attempt recovery of bad partitions box (in English: Scan for and attempt recovery of bad) sectors), then click Start, then select the options you want to fix after running the scan. [1]


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