How to teach children letters

 Watching educational videos You can teach children the letters and increase their knowledge about the alphabet through fun videos that interest them, and there are many of these videos. [1] Learning songs Doing the singing of the alphabet helps the child learn it faster and at a very early age, They may not know how to recognize each letter separately, but the rhythm of the song raises their interest a lot, and the child can participate in singing. [1] The use of educational books can be relied upon to teach the child the letters on visual aids, such as picture and color educational books. These books will be made available to children. Sufficient time to learn letters, as these books contain colors, shapes, animals, and other objects. [2] Using educational games The child can be taught letters by entertaining the child with alphabet games, such as playing with wood letters, by hiding something like a ball, And asking the child to find something that begins with the letter K. [3] Reading letters aloud to the child The reading aloud to children should start at an early age, and reading interesting stories; Because this will stimulate their enthusiasm for books, reading, and learning the alphabet, and to get ideas about the types of books that should be read for young children, you can search for popular children's books, or think about the books that you would love the most if you were a child, and libraries often contain special sections for books Children, with the need to make sure to read the stories appropriate for their age and educational level. [4] Using flashcards Children can learn the alphabet in several different ways, and some children learn faster through arts and crafts, and that is by making paper hats and writing letters on them. Making paper numbers that resemble animals, where effort must be made to educate children and do anything that makes learning fun and creative. [4]

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