How to treat fear in children


Children's fear of different age Children have many natural fears, and these fears differ according to the child's age, and in proportion to the extent of his awareness of things, and the following are the most important fears that appear on children in different age groups:  Fears that afflict a two-year-old child And what is below: Many children at this age are afraid of hearing loud noises and strange sounds for the child, as well as fear of separation from parents, fear of strangers, and seeing large bodies and creatures. Fears that afflict the pre-school child (between the ages of three to six years): The child at this stage is exposed to fear of seeing imaginary things, such as: monsters, ghosts that he sees on television, supernatural creatures, masks, as well as fear of the dark, and sleep Alone, and if he hears a strange sound, especially during the night, such as the sound of thunder, he may feel fear. Fears that afflict children of school age (between seven to sixteen years): At this age, the child's fear of real things begins, such as: his fear of being injured or injured, as well as fear of the doctor, an angry teacher, and fear of school achievement, And from death, and natural accidents: such as earthquakes and floods, and others.

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