How to use iPhone

 Turn on the iPhone

First, the device must be turned on, by pressing the Power key located in the upper right corner, or on the right edge of the device, and its location depends on the version of the phone, and when pressed, the screen lights up, and a scroll bar appears, the user must scroll it to the right until The device is activated, then a screen appears to enter some information, which includes the language that the user wants to use, selecting the user's country or region, then clicking Next to continue. [1]

Activate the device

The iPhone device requires a connection to a Wi-Fi network, a cellular network, or iTunes to activate or activate the device, and continue setting it up, and if the device is used to connect to the Internet and as an iPhone (Wi-Fi + Cellular), you must first insert a SIM card, as it can The user can create a fingerprint or face recognition to unlock the device, by creating Face ID for facial recognition and Touch ID for fingerprint recognition, then clicking on the option to follow, and following the instructions on the screen, so that a passcode is set consisting of Six numbers to protect user data, and for use in iPhone services, such as: Touch ID, Face ID, and Apple Pay. [2]

Create an Apple account

In order for the user to use many features on the iPhone, such as: iTune, App Store, he must create an Apple account. When he turns on the device for the first time, he is required to create an Apple ID account, where the user must enter his own email address, and in If the user has an account on an old iPhone, the information can be synced with iCloud, and all data on the old device can be downloaded. [3]

Download applications

Applications can be downloaded to the iPhone device through the iTunes Store, so that the name of the application that the user wants to install on the device is searched by typing its name in the search box in the upper-right corner, or by browsing the list of applications at the top, and when clicking On the search option, a list of available search results is shown. You can also use the App Store to obtain different applications, then click on a specific application to go to the application page that includes a description, screenshots of the application, and a way to download it. [4]


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