Internet development stages

 The beginning of the Internet

The Internet began in the 1960s as a way for government researchers to exchange information, so there was one very large, immobile computer that contained all the information, and this device had to be accessed, to take advantage of the information stored on it, or to use recorders sent by mail, as there was an incentive. Another in the formation of the Internet was the escalation of the Cold War, and prompted the Soviet Union's launch of the satellite (Sputnik) by the US Department of Defense to consider ways to disseminate information even after any nuclear attack, and this eventually led to the formation of the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network, ARPANET. (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network), the network that eventually evolved into what we now know as the Internet. [1]

Stage 1969-1976

In December, the Advanced Research Projects Agency connected the four largest universities in the United States that were designed to provide research, education, and to provide the communications network that connects the country in the event of a military attack that destroys traditional communication systems. Computer Ray Tomlinson creates e-mail, and the use of (@) to distinguish between the sender's name and the network name in the e-mail address, and then the Internet Transmission Control Protocol was designed in 1973, and in 1983 the protocol became the standard for communication between computers over the Internet as one One of these protocols is the FTP (File Transfer Protocol), which allows the user to log into a remote computer, and enables access to and download a list of files on this device, and in 1976 President Jimmy Carter used e-mail to plan his campaign. Elections, and Queen Elizabeth sent her first email. [2]

Stage 1982-1989

In 1982, the word (Internet) was used for the first time, and then in 1984, domain names were created with network addresses that are identified by attachments, such as: com, org, edu, and later in 1985, then e-mail began to present billboards. , News, and various information, then the term (virus) was used for the first time in 1988, when about 10% of the world's Internet servers were closed due to it, and in 1989 a new technology was developed to distribute information on the Internet, and it was called the World Wide Web. [2]

The 1990-1999 stage

The first attempt to index the Internet was tried in 1991, after which the White House launched its website ( in 1994, then the miracle of providing dial-up on the Internet began, and the first programming language called Java was launched in 1995 and there were about 45 million people. People use the Internet, as there are about 30 million people in North America (the United States and Canada), 9 million in Europe, 6 million in Asia and the Pacific (Australia, Japan and others), and 43.2 million, or 44% of American households own a personal computer And 14 million of them on the Internet in 1996, and in 1997 the term (blog) was used for the first time, and in 1999 Google opened its first office in California, allowing users to exchange music over the Internet, then the number of Internet users around the world reached 150 million in Beginning in 1999, then the term (electronic commerce

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