IPhone applications and the most important of them


The iPhone device is known as one of the Apple devices known for its distinction, and the high quality of its devices, and it is also one of the smartphones that perform many important functions according to the applications available in them, as it has many applications, including what is used to modify images, or for browsing, and to do many other tasks, and in This article will introduce you to the most important iPhone applications.

The most important iPhone applications

Spark application

Smart Mail describes the important thing in the automatic control of the group of e-mail used by the iPhone holder, in terms of reading messages from personal mail, or work mail, and customizing alerts, and it also allows entering Google, Apple, Yahoo and other accounts in the phone.


It is an application that saves photos taken by the iPhone outside the phone, as well as other files, and contributes to reducing the risks that may occur, such as theft or loss of the iPhone.

Weather application

Known as Dark Sky, it studies the weather, and sends special alerts to the user when the time for snow or rain is approaching in order to warn him.

Save the password

Known as 1Password, it helps keep your password away from hacking, and manages password entry operations and sensitive information in Internet browsers, protecting your phone from hackers trying to hack it.

Preservation application

It is known as pocket, and it helps save all the websites that are browsed, allows smooth return to them, and enables downloading articles without the need to connect to the Internet, and the user can read the article as if he is online and with the same quality.

Messaging application

It is known as Messenger, as it enables to communicate with many who use Facebook, without the need to have an account on it, which helps to identify new cultures, in addition to forming new relationships and friendships.


Also known as Music for All, it helps download songs, tracks, and music artistically.


Known as Giffage, it is an animated keyboard, as it allows the user to choose the graphics and images to use in conversations, etc., and Apple considers this application one of the best applications that it offers in the Apple Store.


Known as VSCO Cam, this app provides unlimited photo editing options, and youo

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