Life Tips

 Life Tips

These are life tips that we highlight in this article

1- Live your present

Most anxiety is caused by regret about the past or fear of the future. These are two dimensions that you are losing control of. make use of past experiences and plan for future expectations.

2. Face fears

Most of the fears are unreal. Be brave in the face of hardships. Train yourself to accept the worst, and then work toward the worst. "Wake it up and put your trust in it."

3. Accept reality

Your vision is your reality. Know what worries you, then study it well. Then consult and pray, then make a decision and do not regret it.

4. Remember the dangers of anxiety

Physical diseases such as the heart, skin, stomach, chest, head, back, infections, disability, mental illnesses ... etc.

5. Occupy yourself with what is useful

“Whenever you have the time to think about your happiness or your misery, you will most likely suffer!” Eliminate anxiety by forgetting yourself. We face to people, work and ambitious goals.

6 Secure the principle of delivery

Do not clash with the inevitable. Impairments and afflictions help us to a large extent unexpected .. There is nothing great but the summit of delivery.

7. Learn the art of forgetting

Learn to forget to live. Do not be a condemning tool. Don't take a stand on every incident that goes through. Let things run their course .. Minimize the painful and disturbing incidents.

8. Make a smile

A smile is the title and key to happiness, and something does not come except with effort, and the evidence for effort is a smile, and a smile is a written charity.

9. Practice relaxation

Relaxation reduces anxiety because it relaxes the mind. Use relaxation exercises.

10. The original meanings of love

Love is the head of the matter, learn how to love your Lord, your religion, your country, yourself, your family, your friends and (Muslims), life and all creation.

Give people more than they expect.

When you say I love you do not have to concern them.

look at his eyes when you say sorry for him.

Do not ever mess or play with other's dreams.

Love deeply and sincerely.

Do not punish or judge others based solely on what you hear about them

Do not believe everything you hear or half of what you see, because most of them are dictation or deceptive.

Speak slowly but think quickly.

If someone asks you a question that you don't want answered, smile and ask

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