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Technology is a common term that carries more than one meaning. Where it can be summarized as the application of science, and many scholars have provided many many definitions of the word technology, and technology (in English: Technology) is defined as a comprehensive process that applies science and knowledge in an orderly manner through the optimal use of scientific knowledge, which is the method or method of thinking about how to use Skills and information; In order to obtain a specific result to satisfy the human need and increase his ability, technology is a Greek word of origin, and it consists of two syllables; The first section: Techno, which means art and industry, and the second section: loggia, which means science or study. [1]

Technology consists of three basic elements: inputs, processes, and outputs. Technology includes all processes related to design and management development; As the world has now become completely dependent on technology, which is one of the processes that affect people's lives until it has become, at the present time, an indispensable part on a daily basis, whether for organizations, large companies, or ordinary people. [1]

Definition of information technology

The primary information is based on the human being, and it was necessary to collect information, spread knowledge, and facilitate communication. Humans were able to develop a new science, thanks to information technology, humans were able to communicate easily. As technology gave everyone the right to publish and communicate, which greatly affected human life, and brought about a radical change in it, and information technology is a frequently repeated term at all levels, and it is a manifestation of public and private investment in the field of science and engineering through which people can make broad changes It is important in society, and is considered an application to solve the problems faced by man. [2]

Information Technology is defined as the study, design and development of information systems, especially those related to computer science. So that the latest technologies are used in the transfer, storage, protection, processing, transfer and recovery of data, providing a good level of information and network security, and creating solutions for companies related to all aspects of life. Whether it is political, economic, social, or otherwise. [2]


Information technology is a science concerned with technology and its use in computer science, especially in large organizations. The abbreviation for IT (in English: Information Technology) expresses, and information technology deals with technical devices, especially computers and software, and at the present time no institution does not dispense with information technology, Every institution has an information technology department, which is one of the most important departments. Among the names given to this department in companies are: the Organized Service Provider (MSP), or the Information Service Division (IS). [2]

Benefits of information technology

Information technology has many benefits that cannot be counted, but not all of its results are beneficial. It can be said that it is a double-edged sword, as it consists of a mixture of benefits and disadvantages. Its results are determined by the person in how to use it to obtain the results; Either the good that contributes to the development of the person and society, or the bad that is a burden to him. Technology has helped to find a civilized way of life. No one can deny the benefits of information technology, and among these benefits: [3]

Saving time, and this feature is the foremost of the advantages; The transfer of information through a device represents an effective alternative to presenting information using traditional methods using paper and pen, or machines

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