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 Sites used to measure internet speed

Internet speed measurement is the first step that a person takes in case he encounters any problems during his network on the Internet, or if there is a noticeable slowdown in the speed of downloading websites and others, and the internet speed test can provide the person with accurate information about the speed of his connection to the Internet at any moment. . Therefore, here are some sites that specialize in measuring the official Internet speed of a number of Internet service providers: [1]

Armstrong Internet Speed ​​Test.

AT&T High Speed ​​Internet Speed ​​Test.


Comcast Speed ​​Test.

Here are also some of the best websites specialized in measuring Internet speed, in addition to their ability to determine the download and upload speed, and to identify other problems in the network, such as losing Internet packet and other problems, and the sites are: [2]

Google’s test.

Internet speed

Internet speed refers to the rate at which information travels to and from a device over the Internet, and how quickly information can arrive when it is sent or received by a user or device. The average internet speed is called digital bandwidth, and in computer and networking science, internet speed is measured in terms of a bit per second (bit \ s). Thus, the more information and data sent per second, the rate at which the information travels across the network can be described as fast. From what has been mentioned previously, it becomes clear that if a certain amount of information and data is sent or received, which in turn may be a great burden on the device, so that the computer becomes unable to handle or send it, causing a very slow speed in the processing of information. In the computer, thus slowing the internet speed. [3]

Reasons for slow internet speed

The problem of slow network speed on the Internet has several reasons, for example when connecting to the Internet at peak times, the user may experience slow Internet speed, or it is more likely that the user's computer is carrying out downloads of some programs or updating them through the user’s network on the Internet Thus consuming the entire internet bandwidth. One of the reasons for the slow speed may be the remote network (in English: Wi-Fi) from the computer. There are also external causes for the problem of slow speed, for example if a person uses the Internet via a phone line, there may be a problem with the connection wires, causing a noticeable slowdown in the speed of the Internet. [4]


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