Pregnancy and childbirth and birth control methods

 Birth control

Birth control is also known as contraception, and it is one of the methods followed for spacing newborns, either for health reasons, or to give the mother enough rest, or to give the children their right to care, attention, and upbringing, in addition to the desire to plan a family in proportion to the parents' income, knowing that This organization affects societies in general, and their cultural progress, as well as reflects their cultural development and general awareness, and in this article we will introduce you to the methods of birth control.

Birth control

Mechanical birth control methods

IUD: The IUD is known as a machine made of plastic, which is implanted inside the uterus, in order to prevent embryos from implanting in it, and it causes reactions inside the uterus that reduce the activity of the sperm, which prevents its access to the fallopian tube.

The method of counting or counting: This method is applied to women who have a regular cycle, so that the days of ovulation are determined, and the spouses avoid sexual intercourse three days before ovulation and three days after, and it must be taken into account that this method does not work with breastfeeding women and those with an irregular cycle.

Male and female condoms: placed before sexual intercourse on the male's penis or inside the vagina for the female, which prevents the secretion of sperm inside the vagina, and thus impedes their access to the cervix.

The plastic ring: The specialist doctor determines its size, so that it is placed around the male's penis, which prevents sperm from reaching the cervix, and it is recommended to use effective preparations to kill sperm with it, in order to increase its effectiveness.

Spermicide preparations: These products are available in the form of creams, sprays, gels, or vaginal suppositories, but they are not used on their own, due to their ineffectiveness, so it is recommended to use them in conjunction with one of the previous methods.

Birth control hormone therapy

Contraceptive pills: These pills slow and stop the ovulation process

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