Pregnancy and childbirth causes of premature labor

 Premature birth

The period of pregnancy lasts for about nine months, which is equivalent to forty-two weeks, and a pregnant woman may undergo many physical and psychological changes during this period, but sometimes it is exposed to premature labor, and thus the fetus can be infected with many diseases that affect its health, and it may lead To his death in some cases, so she must follow many tips to preserve her pregnancy, and in this article we will mention the causes of premature labor, its symptoms, in addition to how to avoid it.

Causes of premature labor

Pregnancy in twins.

Mother's age, as if the mother's age is less than eighteen years, or more than thirty-six years, the probability of her early birth increases.

In the event of strenuous and strenuous exercise.

The rupture of the amniotic membranes, which is the result of not drinking large quantities of fluids during pregnancy.

A sudden decrease in the weight of a pregnant woman.

A sudden increase in the weight of a pregnant woman, due to many reasons, such as: having thyroid disease and others.

Drink plenty of alcoholic drinks.


Pregnant woman suffers from many diseases such as: high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, and others.

Not enough time between pregnancy and the next.

The infection of the pregnant woman with multiple problems in the womb, such as: uterine cancer, congenital anomalies, cervical weakness, and others.

Pregnant woman infection with urine infections.

Take large amounts of medication.

Contracture of the uterus.

Placenta eruption.

Symptoms of premature labor

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