Pregnancy and childbirth how do I know that I am about to give birth


The experience of labor and childbirth is one of the experiences that differ from one woman to another, and this depends on the nature of her body, in addition to a group of physical changes that share together to bring the fetus out of the early stage to the stage of active life.

Latency phase

Early in labor, also called the latency stage, a woman may feel:

Constant pain in the abdomen or lower back with some cramps that resemble menstrual cramps.

A brownish vaginal discharge or mixed with some blood, and in the event that the mucous membrane plug comes out of the cervix, this is an indication that the date of labor has approached or that it is only days away.

Painful contractions occur regularly, and get stronger and longer over time.

A bursting occurs in the water bag, and the woman is close to delivery only if this is accompanied by contractions that widen the area of ​​the cervix.

Abdominal discomfort and soft stools.

A fluctuation in feelings and mood.

Sleep disturbances.

Good time to call a doctor

The doctor should be contacted immediately in any of the following cases:

Your water bag has burst or if you feel that the amniotic fluid around the fetus in the womb has leaked or has leaked out.

If your fetus moves less and is quieter than usual.

If you have had any vaginal bleeding.

If you have a fever, high temperature, severe headache or stomach ache.

Prenatal contractions

Can a woman feel contractions and not be about to give birth? The answer is yes, when it is

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