Pregnancy and childbirth how do I take care of myself while pregnant

 Proper nutrition

Proper nutrition occupies an important place during pregnancy; To ensure the preservation of the health of the mother and the fetus, however, some issues that require attention must be addressed as follows: [1]

Avoid eating fish at a rate of more than 2-3 servings per week, whether fresh or canned, and refrain from eating some types that contain high levels of mercury that may harm the fetus. Like a shark or swordfish, in addition to eating less tuna so that the permissible limit of the fresh portion of it does not exceed 170 grams, and 340 grams for the canned portion, provided that it is light tuna.

Wash fruits and vegetables well before eating them, as well as keep cutting boards and dishes clean.

Avoid drinking too much caffeinated drinks such as coffee, so that you do not exceed the daily permissible limit of only 1-2 cups.

Make sure to eat about 4 servings of milk and dairy products per day, provided that they are pasteurized. To prevent infection with the types of bacteria present in it that may cause infection.

Moderation when consuming artificial sweeteners and substitute sugar.

Prenatal care

It is imperative for the pregnant woman to be keen to obtain the necessary care during pregnancy and before childbirth, so she must turn to the health care provider, whether he is a doctor or a midwife, to obtain the instructions that she needs and to conduct the necessary examinations; To avoid complications resulting from certain circumstances during pregnancy, as well as the importance of providing him with health information related to taking any types of medications or any other medical concerns. [2]


A pregnant woman needs physical and psychological rest during her pregnancy, especially during the first and third trimesters of it, so it is imperative for her to pay attention to the signs of fatigue that her body gives and respond to her by achieving the comfort that she requires by getting some sleep, or just raising the feet, and reading Besides, it is good to apply some behaviors that contribute to the required relaxation. Yoga, deep breathing, massage, etc. [2]

Playing sports

Other tips for pregnant women

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