Pregnancy and childbirth How do you know that you are pregnant

 Pregnancy and childbirth is the year of life that God has placed in the heart of all women, children are the eternal path of happiness, and they are the most appropriate way to reach the highest levels of psychological comfort through which it is possible to live in our own world, and talking about children goes on, and there is no wonder in that, God Almighty God has said: About them (the adornment of the life of the world), and no person can be a complete, complete family without children living under him.

How do you know that you are pregnant

Pregnancy is the first step in forming a family, as it is one of the most important basics of marriage, so you find that the man and the woman are both looking for children, while they have married very recently, and this is what makes it seem strange. God Glory has made childbearing come at the right time, or At the time that God permits for that, and the air may come where the ships do not desire, so the date of childbearing will be delayed, and here the real reason for misery in general will be, and our conversation today will revolve around the most prominent ways that help a woman know if she is pregnant or not, and it is as follows:

Delayed menstruation

Delayed menstruation is the first sign that assures a woman that she is pregnant and is waiting for the baby, but this matter may be in some moments that have nothing to do with the topic of childbearing, and just a normal delay in the menstrual cycle, but if the delay in the period continues for more than a week, the woman must work Home examinations or go to the nearest laboratory, to conduct tests related to pregnancy, and this is the main point in knowing whether a woman is pregnant or not.

Some vaginal secretions

It is another sign of pregnancy in women, and you find that the woman who suffers from vaginal secretions a lot, and at different times, that she is pregnant, although this matter has nothing to do with pregnancy in the first place, but it is considered the beginning of pregnancy, or the beginning of stimulating the eggs in the woman to receive Pregnancy clearly, and it is possible to know this through the smell and color of these secretions, if the secretions are yellow or white, they may not be related to pregnancy, and the secretions we are talking about, they are the pink secretions that resemble the lines of the menstrual cycle, but are not blood Rather, mucus comes out from the uterus area, and this is a step that the body takes, aiming to clean the uterus for the sake of

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