Pregnancy and childbirth How earliest my due date


The childbirth process is one of the most insecure stages for women, and it frightens them in a way that cannot be overlooked, because of her constant fear of the pain that she will be exposed to, in addition to her fear for her life and the life of her fetus, which prompts them to wait for that date, and try to prepare for it by all possible means. Which guarantees that the appointment ends safely, knowing that the last months are considered one of the most difficult months in the stage of pregnancy, which prompts women to search for various ways to speed up the labor process, to reduce the amount of pain, and to bring the date of birth closer, and this is what we will introduce you to in this article.

Ways to bring your due date closer


Walking helps to lower the child to the bottom of the pelvis, due to the swaying of the hips, and by the action of gravity, as the pressure on the pelvis prepares the cervix to start the process of labor, and it is possible to increase the force of contractions if the stage of labor has already begun, which speeds up the labor process.

Marital cohabitation

Some pregnant women believe that practicing marital relations in the last months of pregnancy is impossible, but this practice ensures that the cervix is ​​increased, extended, thinned, and prepared for the birth process, given that the sperm coming from the man’s body contains prostaglandin hormones, and the orgasm liberates The hormone oxytocin in a woman, which causes her to contract, which brings her closer to her due date.


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