Pregnancy and childbirth how to get pregnant with twins

 Pregnancy of twins

A twin pregnancy is a pregnancy with more than one fetus at the same time. As the case of twin pregnancy is one of the most common cases in the world of twins, then it is followed by three pregnancies, then four pregnancies, and it must be noted that twin pregnancy may occur in one of the following ways: so that there is one egg that is fertilized by one sperm, In turn, this egg splits into several embryos, and this type of division results in identical twins, and pregnancy may be in the presence of more than one egg, and each of them is fertilized by a sperm; So that this type of pregnancy gives dissimilar twins, noting that it is possible for the two previous methods to occur together, which gives twins some of them are similar, and the other are not alike.

How to get pregnant with twins

Factors that increase the likelihood of conceiving twins

Older women have more chance of conceiving twins than younger women; When menopause is approaching, the ovaries begin to produce more than one egg per month, and the body increases the secretion of the hormone estrogen, which leads to an increase in fertility.

Taking fertility drugs or getting IVF, which causes the ovaries to secrete more than one egg per month.

Preconception; Whereas, women who have had a previous baby have a chance of conceiving twins.

Women who have had twins before are more likely to conceive twins than others.

Taking folic acid supplements before pregnancy increases the chance of conceiving twins.

Women who are already twins.

Maintain breastfeeding children.

Risks of pregnancy with twins for the mother and children

Premature birth: This may happen when the two children exceed 28 weeks of age, in which case the two children need nursery.

High blood pressure in the mother, causing premature separation of the placenta.

The possibility of birth defects such as defects of the gut or heart.

The risk of miscarriage in a twin pregnancy is higher than in a normal pregnancy.

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