Pregnancy and childbirth how to prepare for childbirth

 Learn about the birth process

Glade Curtis, an American obstetrician, notes that women who learn information about childbirth early are more involved in their birth process than others, which gives better results; Therefore, women are advised to learn about the stages of childbirth, and the methods of controlling the accompanying pain, and to get acquainted with even the equipment used during childbirth, and it is also possible to learn about the different methods of childbirth by watching videos related to this, such as: natural childbirth, and birth in water (in English: water) birth), and birth via an epidural (birth with an epidural) or what is known as giving a back needle and others, and upon completion of the research process, the desired birth plan can be determined, with the expectation that this plan may change later, due to the presence of many fluctuations that may occur At birth, which is prevented from predicting which way it will go in detail, according to Diane Randall, professor of childbirth and lactation at American Sharp Mary Birch Hospital. [1]

Doing exercises

Some exercises can be done to prepare the body for childbirth, including: [2]

Child position: This exercise relieves discomfort and discomfort, as it lengthens the muscles of the end of the pelvis, by kneeling on the floor, sitting on the heels (the bones of the back of the foot), then bending forward slowly with extended arms forward for a long time, and doing deep breathing .

Squatting: standing upright with legs wider than hip width apart, then sitting slowly toward the bottom, with hands intertwined in front of the body and pressed on them.

Talk to other mothers

This step is used for women who are experiencing childbirth for the first time, as they can sit with other mothers and listen to their advice and experiences, making sure in advance that the discussion will be about good advice only, without addressing the feeling of fear or severe pain during childbirth. [3]

Prepare the birth bag

A pregnant woman will not have much time to get to the hospital when entering a stage

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