Pregnancy and childbirth is the best way to tighten the abdomen after childbirth

 The happiest moments that a mother goes through in her life are those moments when she receives the news of her pregnancy, preparations begin to receive the new baby, and the mother begins to take care of herself and her health. This is so that the fetus remains in good health, and the mother's happiness is great during pregnancy despite all the fatigue and hardship she endures, and changes in her shape and body, and these changes are not only limited to the period of pregnancy. Rather, it may extend to after childbirth, and among the most common of these changes is the sagging of the abdomen and the appearance of melasma in it, which makes the mother in constant confusion about the appropriate way to get rid of that flabby abdomen.

Sagging belly

The flabby abdomen appears after childbirth, but it may disappear after a certain period, it may be long for those whose belly is large during pregnancy, and it may be small for those whose abdomen is small, and these sagging occurs in the abdomen due to its expansion during pregnancy to accommodate the fetus.

The flabby abdomen often causes inconvenience to the mother, due to the change in her appearance and the inconsistency of her abdomen with the shape of her body, which makes her constantly search for the appropriate way to get rid of these sagging, but mothers must be alerted to the need not to hasten to get rid of the sagging, if the birth was normal The mother must wait two or three months, while if the delivery was by Caesarean section, it is necessary to wait for 4 months, and if the mother removes the rumen quickly, she will seriously harm herself. This is because her body is still weak and lean, and regaining its strength requires waiting for a certain period.

Abdominal tightening methods after childbirth

In the case of a natural birth, the abdomen can be wrapped in a cotton shawl after the first week of birth, and continue to do so until forty, but in the case of a cesarean delivery, it is necessary to wait 4 months before doing anything.

Drink more water and eat fruits, because it is rich in vitamins that quickly make the body regain strength.

Exercising to tighten the abdomen, preferably under the supervision of a specialist in sports, and it is preferable to start doing this after the regularity of the menstrual cycle, so as not to harm the body and expose it to muscle strain.

It is possible to resort to applying creams to treat melasma in the abdomen; It removes it from the frustrations and returns it to its previous appearance.

It is recommended to apply olive oil to the stomach. It moisturizes.

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