Pregnancy and childbirth Preparing the birth bag

 Maternity bag

The birth bag is one of the important things that a pregnant woman begins to prepare in the last months of pregnancy, in anticipation of childbirth at any time, especially since some women give birth earlier than their scheduled date, and many pregnant women are ignorant of the purposes and contents that must be provided in this bag, especially those who He has not given birth before, it must be said that this bag usually consists of important purposes for each of: the pregnant woman, the child, and the companion, usually the husband or the mother, and in this article we will introduce you to how to prepare the birth bag.

How to equip a maternity bag

The needs and purposes of the mother

A special sleepwear for childbirth, as it will be worn after childbirth, whether it is natural or a cesarean section.

Two or more cotton nightgowns, bearing in mind that there is a hole in the chest; In order to facilitate the lactation process.

A number of undergarments not less than four; And in anticipation of being dirty with blood resulting from the birth process.

Breast pads, to dry the area after feeding the baby.

Sufficient quantity of sanitary napkins.

A medical cream intended for cracks in pregnancy, taking into account that the breasts area must be taken care of from the fifth month until the end of the pregnancy period.

Nipples are silicone.

Comfortable medical youth.

Good quality shampoo.

Moisturizing skin cream.

Good quality face lotion.

Toothbrush and toothpaste.

Good quality deodorant.

Mobile charger.

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