Pregnancy and childbirth Signs of childbirth


The ideal is for the birth to be in the ninth month, so that the pregnant woman is ready for her appointment, and it must be noted that many women are ignorant of the symptoms and signs of childbirth, especially the early first pregnancies, which leads them to think excessively and stress awaiting them, so they should know the signs of childbirth, to ensure their safety and safety The fetus, and to know how to deal with it, and in this article we will introduce you to the signs of childbirth.

Signs of childbirth

The abdomen falls down

Where the fetus settles at the bottom of the pelvis in preparation for exit, which leads to pressure on the bladder due to the weight on it, and because of the change of the fetus to its position, which increases the number of times they go to the bathroom to urinate, and it must be noted that the first pregnancies take the fetus in this position during Any time from the four weeks before childbirth, but in cases of second pregnancy, the fetus may assume this position shortly before birth, noting that some women may not feel this condition as a result of the fetus taking this position before the date of birth approaches.

Dilation of the cervix

The uterus begins to expand in preparation for the birth process, but the feeling of this sign is not apparent except when visiting a specialist doctor, and during his periodic and internal examinations in the last weeks of pregnancy, so the doctor can determine the amount of expansion of the uterus with each examination he does for a pregnant woman.

Feeling of back pain

A pregnant woman feels more pain in her lower back when the due date approaches, and she also feels pain in her thighs, noting that her muscles and joints change positions, and begin to stretch in preparation for childbirth.

Diarrhea and weight gain

The pregnant woman suffers from the symptom of diarrhea, when her due date approaches, as a result of the relaxation of her intestines, like the rest of her body, in preparation for childbirth. You will also notice that the pregnant woman has stopped her weight from increasing, as a result

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