Pregnancy and childbirth Tips to facilitate childbirth


Women are well aware that childbirth pain is the second strongest pain after burning, and this matter frightens women, and it is enough to frighten the bravest and most ferocious creatures, but the most beautiful feeling in the world a woman may experience is the feeling of motherhood. In order for the pregnant woman to relieve her tension and anxiety before the birth process, and facilitate this process as much as possible, and relieve the great pain that accompanies her, she must follow several tips: Pay attention to the quality of food that the pregnant woman should eat before her due date, and adhere to some sitting and relaxing positions in addition to psychological preparation.

Pregnant woman's food before the birth process

Anise emulsion: This drink is taken at the occurrence of labor or shortly before the date set by the doctor for childbirth, and this emulsion is useful in strengthening the labor during childbirth and works to facilitate it, and it is also useful in calming the woman's nerves and relieving anxiety about her, and is prepared by:

Linseed oil: Take two tablespoons of hot flaxseed oil, and one of its most important benefits is that it facilitates the birth process, and women consider this oil to be one of the most important means that facilitate childbirth.

Sage leaves: Sage leaves are used to strengthen the uterine muscle and relieve childbirth pain, put a tablespoon of sage leaves powder and immerse it in a bowl of a cup of water, then put it on the fire until it boils and then stir well, and then cover and leave it for ten minutes, and then filter it and drink the cup at Feeling of openness.

Fenugreek: It is known that a pregnant woman should never drink fenugreek during pregnancy, but the fenugreek helps facilitate the birth process if it is drunk hours before pregnancy, but before that it may harm herself and the fetus.

Put two tablespoons of anise powder in an empty cup, then pour it with boiling water and stir well.

Add two teaspoons of sugar, cover for ten minutes, then strain and drink the whole cup.

Positions that facilitate the process of childbirth

Rest by relying on your husband or anyone who can help you: When you are feeling in labor, ask him to massage your back and shoulders, this will give you a feeling of great comfort.

Kneeling position: Kneel with your feet spread, then try to relax on a chair

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