Pregnancy and childbirth What are the symptoms of the first pregnancy


The stage of pregnancy is one of the distinctive experiences in a woman's life, as it is accompanied by the occurrence of many changes in her body, feelings and mood, as a result of the secretion of many hormones such as progesterone and estrogen, which are secreted by the body to prepare the uterus to receive the fetus, allowing it to grow properly and naturally, and we will know you. In this article on the symptoms of pregnancy.

What are the symptoms of pregnancy

Absence of a menstrual period

Delayed menstruation in women who have a regular cycle is a strong evidence of fertilization in the egg, and thus the occurrence of pregnancy, and this symptom appears three weeks after fertilization of the egg.

Changes in the breasts of a pregnant woman

A pregnant woman feels swelling, swelling, and severe pain in the breast, and the pain may increase or decrease, as a result of the increased blood flow than normal, in addition to that, the nipple changes to darken, and this is a result of the body's readiness to feed the infant.

Cravings or snacks

It is considered a symptom of pregnancy, but it cannot be relied upon as the only evidence to prove pregnancy, as this symptom must be accompanied by other symptoms of pregnancy, and the reason for the increase in food is due to the fetus’s need for nutrients necessary for its growth, and the pregnant woman may want to eat specific food without others, Most of the time, this food is not in its class.

frequent urination

Pregnant women go to the bathroom more often, as a result of the increase in the pregnancy hormone HCG that causes

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